• What are my limits using Beam?

      Absolutely, no limits as long as you are not using BeamUAE for any commercial purposes. 


      BeamUAE was designed to be your personal wallet, do your spendings and earn your rewards. 

      Make sure to link your card details only on your one account, keep using BeamUAE for your own personal purchases and you should be good to go! so simple ;)  

    • I haven't received my verification text to verify my registered credit card!

      Card Verification allows you to Beam freely and enjoy paying with your rewards!

      If you haven't received your verification text, there is a chance that transaction messages isn't enabled by your bank, in that case you may check your emails to get the verification amount.

      Alternatively, please contact your bank to know the latest amount charged on your card by Beam*

      * Please note that Beam reserves amount for verification purposes and returns it within maximum 24hrs.

    • I have been charged extra! How do I get refunded?

      Double charged? Charged in excess?

      Don't worry, just retain a receipt of the transaction amount or a snippet of the online bank statement. Contact us via support@beamuae.app or reach us via live chat with the required details and we will get back to you!

      Refund takes up to 10 working days depends on your Bank*|

    • I couldn't link my card, Am I doing something wrong?

      Please ensure that all your card details have been entered correctly and the card is still valid.

      Please ensure using a debit/credit card powered by Visa/Mastercard.

      If you are still experiencing issues, please consider contacting your bank to ensure your card is authorised for online transactions or try linking another card.

      Some banks such as ADCB and ADIB do not permit debit cards to be used for online transactions. Unfortunately, this means that some cards cannot be linked to your Beam account :(

    • I forgot my PIN! What do I do?

      It happens to the best of us, don’t worry Beamer :)

      Resetting your PIN is easy. Simply tap “FORGOT PIN?” from “Enter your Beam PIN” screen and follow the steps.

      Alternatively, we are available for your support and happy to help you 7 days a week from 7am to 11pm!

      Chat with us or email us on support@beamuae.app.

    • How will I get my receipts after a purchase?

      Your receipts will be automatically stored in the app. Organise and see all your rewards and savings in one place, minus the wallet bulk.

      Go to My Account > Wallet > Receipts to view all receipts.