• How do I spend rewards?

      Spending your rewards has to be fun and simple!

      1. Just make sure you have a verified registered credit/debit card added to your Beam account
      2. Turn the spend mode on (Click on your rewards at the top, background will change to red)
      3. Just pay at the store as you normally would, rewards will be automatically redeemed.

      Any extra amount on top of your rewards will be deducted off your chosen default card.

    • Can I spend rewards at any brand I like?

      Yes, It doesn't matter where you earned it, use your rewards at any of our partner brands!

    • Do I have to spend rewards straight after earning them?

      No expiry so it's up to you.

      You can do it right away or activate the save mode (at the top of the home page ensure background is grey by clicking on your rewards) to wait and accumulate more rewards; then spend it later.