• Why do I need to confirm my email?

      We are very concerned about our customer's security, adding an email address ensures that no one else will be able to use it for creating a BEAM account.

      it's also an important step to help us always provide you with an effective support, whether with your account, transactions, rewards or even customize and personalise your BEAM experience ;)

    • How do I confirm my email?

      Depending on how you signed up, you will receive an email or SMS as soon as you’ve created an account with us. Confirm via email or use the SMS code, and you’re all set.

    • Why verify my card?

      This is an important step as it lets us know your card belongs to you. Your card is marked as verified once you enter the amount of a small charge as it appears on your bank statement.

      Once the card is verified we refund the amount back to your card.

    • How do I verify my card?
      1. Open BeamUAE app, and make sure you are successfully logged in.
      2. Go to My Account - top right of the home screen.
      3.  if you haven't linked a card, please click here Link a card
      4. if you have already linked your card, then please tap the card you'd like to verify.
      5. Beam will test the card to ensure you will have a successful happy experience by reserving a small amount, which will show in a bank transaction text!/e-mail immediately!" this amount is only for verification and will return back to your bank account within 24 hrs"
      6. Enter amount into the number pad (in AED).

      Now you are ready to BEAM, EARN and USE your rewards happily! :)


    • I want to use BeamUAE ASAP. Can I skip verifying my card ?

      Yes, you can. As long as you’ve linked a valid card, you can get your shopping on ASAP.

      Just remember to confirm your card later on, to be able to use your BEAM rewards.

      As a safety precaution, transaction limits apply before completing verification.