• Tap and Go

      Beam terminals are now at store counters across UAE including Fashion stores, Supermarkets, Cafes, Restaurants as well as Pharmacies ;)

      How to beam?

      When you are at the checkout simply follow the below steps!

      1. Tell the cashier you’re paying with Beam
      2. Tap your phone on the Beam terminal at the bottom of the page
      3. Once the payment is confirmed, you’re done!


    • Dine and Tip

      Dine and Pay with Beam, some of our partner restaurants also allow you to tip if you want,

      When you are ready to pay, Enter your PIN to view the bill.
      Select tip, then choose a percentage.
      Check your total to pay and there you go!

      You’re done!! :)

    • Paying with Express Beam

      When you enable Express Beam we authenticate your account, removing the need to enter your pin at the checkout, making it even faster to Beam ever with 5 fewer taps on your phone without any verifications!

      Only available for users that have phone security enabled on their device.

      To enable Express Beam:

      Go to My Account from the top right side of the home screen
      Scroll down to Payments and switch on Pay with Touch ID/ Pay with Fingerprint
      Enable Express Beam

      *only available for users have phone security turned on.

    • Fuel up and drive (We'll be back!)

      From November 21st, Beam will be temporarily unavailable at ENOC and EPPCO. 
      We're working to roll out a new fuel experience that'll have you beaming happier than ever!

      Beam at any ENOC or EPPCO station, without leaving your vehicle.

      When you’re at the pump:

      01 / Select the pump number
      02 / Stay cool while the tank is filled up outside
      03 / Pay and drive.