SHARE Wallet in SHARE Application

    • Share Wallet empowered by Beam Technology!

      You may have heard that you can now pay by SHARE Wallet in SHARE APP, using Beam technology and our Beam Beacon which will have both logos SHARE and Beam.

      YES, you are correct ;)

      If you have decided to use SHARE Application, you may be able to use SHARE wallet which is empowered by Beam technology, add your cards and tap your phone on the Beam Beacon to pay, the same way you use Beam! 

    • I am in a store where I see Beam Beacon with a SHARE logo, does that mean I can also use Beam there?

      YES! Luckily we are the technology used to empower SHARE Wallet. if you see both logos, it means both apps work in this store!

      if you see Beam beacon with (SHARE logo) added to it, and you have decided to enjoy Beam experience of redeeming your rewards or earning your instant cashback, then simply load your Beam account to pay !

      if you see Beam Beacon with no SHARE logo, it means here you can only Beam, Beam and Beam ;)

    • I am a registered customer to Beam, if I pay through SHARE wallet using Beam Beacon, do I also get cashback on my Beam account?

      We are happy you are enjoying our amazing technology either through SHARE wallet or Beam App :), yet each application has its own loyalty program and purchasing experience!

      So, you get to choose which experience you want to make the most of at the time of purchase ;)

      To make the most out of Beam benefits from redeeming your rewards or earning your instant cashback rewards, Always log in to your Beam account and pay using Beam application!

    • I have an existing account on SHARE app, can I use same email and sign in to Beam app?

      We would be happy to have you onboard faster by using your existing login details used on SHARE application! Yet, SHARE is a different application which is empowered by the technology of Beam wallet.

      To enjoy using Beam, please register using Beam application ;)