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    My rewards weren't transferred after downloading BeamUAE app! what can I do?

    Your existing rewards will be moved to the new BeamUAE app once you consent to transfer your account from the previous app.

    You can download the new app from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) in order to Beam.

    We just have to follow two simple steps:

    • Uninstall the new BeamUAE app
    • Go to your old app to consent and transfer your data (the steps are here for easy reference)

    If you're logged into the BeamUAE app and your rewards weren't transferred, there's a chance that you've created a new account.

    Alternatively, reach out to us on live chat directly from the app or on and we'll help you out :)

    We are available for you everyday from 7am to 11pm :)


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