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  • How do I get Help?

    Our customer support team is always available to help daily from 9:00 am until 12:00 am.

    Please use the below links for your requests, and we shall get back to you with a resolution within 1 business hour:

    For all physical issues (Broken puck, Dead puck, install beacon.. etc.)

    For all payment issues (Duplication, Failed Payment, Wrong Amount, Wrong Payment...etc.)

    For all Technical/integration issues (Network Issue, ping errors, etc)

    For all Beam ID and terminal ID requests or issues (Invalid/Wrong Merchant ID or Terminal ID, Terminal Key, Device ID..etc)


    For any other enquires, please email us on  

    Urgent requirements: Call us on 042093427 from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.


SHARE Wallet in SHARE Application

  • Share Wallet empowered by Beam Technology!

    You may have heard that you can now pay by SHARE Wallet in SHARE APP, using Beam technology and our Beam Beacon which will have both logos SHARE and Beam.

    YES, you are correct ;)

    If you have decided to use SHARE Application, you may be able to use SHARE wallet which is empowered by Beam technology, add your cards and tap your phone on the Beam Beacon to pay, the same way you use Beam! 

  • I am in a store where I see Beam Beacon with a SHARE logo, does that mean I can also use Beam there?

    YES! Luckily we are the technology used to empower SHARE Wallet. if you see both logos, it means both apps work in this store!

    if you see Beam beacon with (SHARE logo) added to it, and you have decided to enjoy Beam experience of redeeming your rewards or earning your instant cashback, then simply load your Beam account to pay !

    if you see Beam Beacon with no SHARE logo, it means here you can only Beam, Beam and Beam ;)

  • I am a registered customer to Beam, if I pay through SHARE wallet using Beam Beacon, do I also get cashback on my Beam account?

    We are happy you are enjoying our amazing technology either through SHARE wallet or Beam App :), yet each application has its own loyalty program and purchasing experience!

    So, you get to choose which experience you want to make the most of at the time of purchase ;)

    To make the most out of Beam benefits from redeeming your rewards or earning your instant cashback rewards, Always log in to your Beam account and pay using Beam application!

  • I have an existing account on SHARE app, can I use same email and sign in to Beam app?

    We would be happy to have you onboard faster by using your existing login details used on SHARE application! Yet, SHARE is a different application which is empowered by the technology of Beam wallet.

    To enjoy using Beam, please register using Beam application ;) 

Account Settings

Let's get started!

  • Setup my Beam account :)

    We're simple and easy to use!

    Download BeamUAE for iPhone and Android via the App Store or Google Play.

    Fill in your details to create an account with your email address or phone number.

    Link a credit, debit or prepaid card powered by Visa or MasterCard.

    Verify your card and get Beaming!

  • Your Beam account setup is done? Now what?!

    Your account is verified successfully? 

    You are one step closer, all what you need to do now is go to your account settings and create your pin number. (unless your BEAM express is switched on)

    All done? Guess what! It's time to Beam ;)

    1. Locate your favourite beam partner store.
    2. When you are ready to pay, simply open the application.
    3. Click on the beam logo at the bottom of the page.
    4. Enter your pin number.
    5. Enable your Bluetooth.

    That's it! Successful payment made, instant rewards received ;)

    Happy Beaming! 

  • Can I create an account for my friends/family?

    Beam works best when you have a single account with a unique payment profile and mobile device. Creating multiple accounts prevents you from earning rewards.

    In case this is done unintentionally, reach out to us immediately so we can ensure there are no restrictions on the rewards you earn in the future.

Link a card

  • How do I link a card?

    Linking a card is really easy!

    1. Go to your account on BeamUAE app
    2. Click on my cards
    3. Scan a credit or debit card which is powered by VISA or MasterCard.
    4. Beam will test the card to ensure you will have a successful happy experience by reserving a small amount, which will show in a bank transaction text!/e-mail immediately!" this amount is only for verification and will return back to your bank account within 24 hrs"
    5. Enter amount into the number pad (in AED).

    And you are all set! Happy Beaming ;)

  • How do I remove a card?

    You can remove or unlink a card at any time.

    iOS: My Account > Wallet > Payment methods > Swipe left on the card to remove.
    Android: My Account > Wallet > My cards > Long tap the card in the app to remove your card.

Verify Email and Registered Card

  • Why do I need to confirm my email?

    We are very concerned about our customer's security, adding an email address ensures that no one else will be able to use it for creating a BEAM account.

    it's also an important step to help us always provide you with an effective support, whether with your account, transactions, rewards or even customize and personalise your BEAM experience ;)

  • How do I confirm my email?

    Depending on how you signed up, you will receive an email or SMS as soon as you’ve created an account with us. Confirm via email or use the SMS code, and you’re all set.

  • Why verify my card?

    This is an important step as it lets us know your card belongs to you. Your card is marked as verified once you enter the amount of a small charge as it appears on your bank statement.

    Once the card is verified we refund the amount back to your card.

  • How do I verify my card?
    1. Open BeamUAE app, and make sure you are successfully logged in.
    2. Go to My Account - top right of the home screen.
    3.  if you haven't linked a card, please click here Link a card
    4. if you have already linked your card, then please tap the card you'd like to verify.
    5. Beam will test the card to ensure you will have a successful happy experience by reserving a small amount, which will show in a bank transaction text!/e-mail immediately!" this amount is only for verification and will return back to your bank account within 24 hrs"
    6. Enter amount into the number pad (in AED).

    Now you are ready to BEAM, EARN and USE your rewards happily! :)


  • I want to use BeamUAE ASAP. Can I skip verifying my card ?

    Yes, you can. As long as you’ve linked a valid card, you can get your shopping on ASAP.

    Just remember to confirm your card later on, to be able to use your BEAM rewards.

    As a safety precaution, transaction limits apply before completing verification.


  • What are notifications for?

    Notifications or push messages point you to rewards all around you.

    We will always let you know when we are anywhere around you, simply we want you to make the most out of your Beam experience!

    we may also notify you when we have made any updates to make your experience even more fabulous!

  • How do I turn on notifications?

    In the app, tap the Screenshot_20180730-110252_Beam.jpg icon on the home screen > Settings > Notifications to turn on Notifications.





  • Tap and Go

    Beam terminals are now at store counters across UAE including Fashion stores, Supermarkets, Cafes, Restaurants as well as Pharmacies ;)

    How to beam?

    When you are at the checkout simply follow the below steps!

    1. Tell the cashier you’re paying with Beam
    2. Tap your phone on the Beam terminal at the bottom of the page
    3. Once the payment is confirmed, you’re done!


  • Dine and Tip

    Dine and Pay with Beam, some of our partner restaurants also allow you to tip if you want,

    When you are ready to pay, Enter your PIN to view the bill.
    Select tip, then choose a percentage.
    Check your total to pay and there you go!

    You’re done!! :)

  • Paying with Express Beam

    When you enable Express Beam we authenticate your account, removing the need to enter your pin at the checkout, making it even faster to Beam ever with 5 fewer taps on your phone without any verifications!

    Only available for users that have phone security enabled on their device.

    To enable Express Beam:

    Go to My Account from the top right side of the home screen
    Scroll down to Payments and switch on Pay with Touch ID/ Pay with Fingerprint
    Enable Express Beam

    *only available for users have phone security turned on.

  • Fuel up and drive (We'll be back!)

    From November 21st, Beam will be temporarily unavailable at ENOC and EPPCO. 
    We're working to roll out a new fuel experience that'll have you beaming happier than ever!

    Beam at any ENOC or EPPCO station, without leaving your vehicle.

    When you’re at the pump:

    01 / Select the pump number
    02 / Stay cool while the tank is filled up outside
    03 / Pay and drive.






  • How do I spend rewards?

    Spending your rewards has to be fun and simple!

    1. Just make sure you have a verified registered credit/debit card added to your Beam account
    2. Turn the spend mode on (Click on your rewards at the top, background will change to red)
    3. Just pay at the store as you normally would, rewards will be automatically redeemed.

    Any extra amount on top of your rewards will be deducted off your chosen default card.

  • Can I spend rewards at any brand I like?

    Yes, It doesn't matter where you earned it, use your rewards at any of our partner brands!

  • Do I have to spend rewards straight after earning them?

    No expiry so it's up to you.

    You can do it right away or activate the save mode (at the top of the home page ensure background is grey by clicking on your rewards) to wait and accumulate more rewards; then spend it later.


  • What is Beam Bonus?

    A bonus is a time sensitive amount for a store, available to Beamers occasionally. When available, they are automatically used before your rewards or even charging your linked card, depending on the amount.

    If you see one, use it right away because it resets every time you transact.

  • How do I use Bonus available on BeamUAE app?

    Transacting at a store for which you have the bonus available, will automatically use the bonus amount first.

    If the amount of your transaction is less than the bonus, the bonus will reset after the transaction and show none, unless there's another bonus available for a different store.



  • What are my limits using Beam?

    Absolutely, no limits as long as you are not using BeamUAE for any commercial purposes. 


    BeamUAE was designed to be your personal wallet, do your spendings and earn your rewards. 

    Make sure to link your card details only on your one account, keep using BeamUAE for your own personal purchases and you should be good to go! so simple ;)  

  • I haven't received my verification text to verify my registered credit card!

    Card Verification allows you to Beam freely and enjoy paying with your rewards!

    If you haven't received your verification text, there is a chance that transaction messages isn't enabled by your bank, in that case you may check your emails to get the verification amount.

    Alternatively, please contact your bank to know the latest amount charged on your card by Beam*

    * Please note that Beam reserves amount for verification purposes and returns it within maximum 24hrs.

  • I have been charged extra! How do I get refunded?

    Double charged? Charged in excess?

    Don't worry, just retain a receipt of the transaction amount or a snippet of the online bank statement. Contact us via or reach us via live chat with the required details and we will get back to you!

    Refund takes up to 10 working days depends on your Bank*|

  • I couldn't link my card, Am I doing something wrong?

    Please ensure that all your card details have been entered correctly and the card is still valid.

    Please ensure using a debit/credit card powered by Visa/Mastercard.

    If you are still experiencing issues, please consider contacting your bank to ensure your card is authorised for online transactions or try linking another card.

    Some banks such as ADCB and ADIB do not permit debit cards to be used for online transactions. Unfortunately, this means that some cards cannot be linked to your Beam account :(

  • I forgot my PIN! What do I do?

    It happens to the best of us, don’t worry Beamer :)

    Resetting your PIN is easy. Simply tap “FORGOT PIN?” from “Enter your Beam PIN” screen and follow the steps.

    Alternatively, we are available for your support and happy to help you 7 days a week from 7am to 11pm!

    Chat with us or email us on

  • How will I get my receipts after a purchase?

    Your receipts will be automatically stored in the app. Organise and see all your rewards and savings in one place, minus the wallet bulk.

    Go to My Account > Wallet > Receipts to view all receipts.



  • My rewards weren't transferred after downloading BeamUAE app! what can I do?

    Your existing rewards will be moved to the new BeamUAE app once you consent to transfer your account from the previous app.

    You can download the new app from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) in order to Beam.

    We just have to follow two simple steps:

    • Uninstall the new BeamUAE app
    • Go to your old app to consent and transfer your data (the steps are here for easy reference)

    If you're logged into the BeamUAE app and your rewards weren't transferred, there's a chance that you've created a new account.

    Alternatively, reach out to us on live chat directly from the app or on and we'll help you out :)

    We are available for you everyday from 7am to 11pm :)


  • How do I consent and transfer my data BeamUAE app?

    In order to transfer your data (rewards and transaction history) to the new BeamUAE app, please follow these steps:

    1. Open the old Beam Wallet app and click on the purple 'Install the new App' banner
    2. Click the 'Consent and transfer data' to agree to transfer your data
    3. Install 'BeamUAE' app from your mobile phone app store
    4. Launch the new App and log in
    5. A 'waiting' message will display ('Hold on tight while we transfer your data')
    6. Please link and verify your payment card(s)

    You're ready to Beam! :)

  • Can I redeem my rewards in conjunction with another voucher/offer?

    This is up to the brand/store policy.

  • Can I redeem my rewards if the item I am buying is discounted?

    Yes, you can.

  • Can my rewards expire?

    Generally, no.

    Partner campaigns, however, are temporary in nature and deadlines do apply. These are stated under Terms and Conditions.

    If there are no transactions made for a continuous period of 90 days before September 2020, the rewards in the account would have expired due to inactivity.

Data Protection

  • Are my card details protected?

    Yes. Your card number is never stored in the app or your phone. Beam is 100% PCI-DSS compliant, the international standard for handling credit card data. This ensures that no one (merchants included) will be able to access your card information from the Beam app.

  • Is paying with BeamUAE safe?

    Paying with Beam on your phone is more secure than conventional card payments. Unlike cards which can be used by a stranger, a Beam PIN known only to you is needed before you can pay with the app.

    Here are the top 3 things to know about our secure payments:

    • Your card number is NEVER stored in the app or your phone.
    • Your card details are NEVER sent to merchants.
    • Your transactions are protected by a personal PIN known only to you.

    For example, in the past at a petrol station, you’d have handed over your card and PIN to an attendant at ENOC. With Beam, you can now pay for petrol in the comforts of your vehicle knowing your account details are safe.

  • There is a problem with your account!!

    Your account is highly secured, so If you are seeing "There is a problem with your account", it means that our fraud team has detected a possible threat!

    Why? Please check the possible reasons below:

    - Your credit card could be linked on more than one account.

    - Your account has been used for commercial use.

    - You have more than one account for your personal use.

    - There has been a misuse activity with promotions and rewards.

    if you believe it's none of those reasons, please reach out to us confirming that above reasons do not apply to your account.

    Once all details are received our fraud department will return back to normal based on their investigation, with an explanation as to ensure our Beamer's account is always secured and safe!


  • What if my phone got lost or stolen?

    Rest assured Beamer, we are here to make your life easier.

    All sensitive data, including credit card details, is encrypted and secured in the cloud. No sensitive data is ever stored in your phone nor can be viewed.

    Contact us immediately to deactivate your account and ensure you are completely safe!

    Also, All BEAM transactions require verifications "As long as Express BEAM is off", Meaning no one can use the application except if verified.



About Beam

About Beam